Wednesday, October 1, 2008

blow yer hair back!

Me and good friend "Earthgirl" Jill

a few displaysMe and pal Jen O'Connor having fun with pumpkins(notice the looters in the background!)
And blow your hair back it did! Thanks to all who made the voyage to the Country Living Fair in Ohio. Brave souls you are to endure the elements....rain, heat, humidity and the 60mph wind gusts!
I myself have even been a whirling dervish since I got back. Evidence being my half unpacked suitcase leering at me from the bedroom floor. Oh, how I despise that job.
I swear the seemingly lifeless bag reaches up to grab my ankle as I walk pass ....and with the faint, last dying words of a fallen victim says "please, please unpack me".
Eventually I will need those clothes and will give in to that last dying request....or perhaps just toss some more back into it for my trip back to the Country Living Fair next year!


thorngren said...

It was so exciting meeting you and seeing your work in person. You are such a great talent,it made me get all teary! I will look for you next year.-Mary Beth

Mandie said...

All of the art work looks soo pretty. Beautiful talent!

Tina said...

I'd give anything to see you and your art work in person! Please come to TEXAS!!

Tina~ Cherry Hill Cottage