Sunday, September 18, 2016

Come one, come all!

We've been working like whirling dervishes to put together a showcase to dazzle and delight!
So it's time to cancel all your other plans, call in sick to work,
ditch the Saturday chores and beg a family member to sit in for you at your kids soccer game.
The studio's never been cleaner, the barn's never been cleaner or prettier.
So satiate your curiosity.
Take a peek and go home with a treasure.
On hand will be my original artwork, my new Art At Home Collection including tuffets, eiderdowns and pillows.
As well as Schuyler Pond Art At Home pieces...trivets, placemats, soaps etc.
We will be peppering in a few vintage goodies as well.
One day only!!!
Saturday September 24th
Devil's Hop Farm
268 Hop City Road
Ballston Spa, NY

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What I see...

Every morning I am grateful that this is my office.
It was (and is!) a lot of work...blood , sweat and tears.
Not to mention an on going work in progress.
But here she is... Take the Houzz tour, wonderfully captured by Photog Rikki Snyder.
I'm just hoping this is the year we paint the barn roof.
Heights?! eh, bring it on!
click on Houzz link below to take the tour...

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

In The Dog House

One man's trash is another gal's treasure.
An odd phenomenon has been happening on Jockey street.
People ditching their old doghouses.
Maybe their old faithful companions have outgrown their outdoor abodes...or sadly gained their angel wings.
At any rate out to the roadside the ol' doghouse goes....and into the back of our truck.
Twice we have been so lucky over the past few years.
Two doghouses we now own.
I know...why? wha? an old dog house?
For people with no dog? That's just the epitome of cray cray. 
 ( I know, not really a word, spellcheck just let me know that)
You call it a doghouse...I call it a garden house.
With a little work and paint, we set off to make it what it ain't.
I had been in need of a focal point for our fern garden for years.
The ferns grow so tall anything without enough statue
 quickly becomes engulfed
 lost among green lacey fronds.
A "garden house" was the perfect fit.
So here you have it.
Doghouse turned garden house...or chicken curiosity...
or cat hangout.
By any name an awesome roadside find
 and welcome addition.
Discarded doghouse being loaded to go to it's forever home.
The owner even helped us load it up!

Dick covers the particle board and sets the house on stilts to aerate underneath to discourage the wood from rotting  

Two tree stumps in lieu of a ladder so curious kitties and chicks can peek inside

Soon the ferns will frame and then engulf the garden house

A cast iron urn with balled up string of lights is pretty in the day and night.
A mirror reflects both and adds an interesting optical illusion.
Babycakes checking out the garden house

An Antique purple glass lightning rod makes for frosting on the cake

Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Happy Home

I always felt a little unimportant as an artist.
I mean, I'm not curing cancer, I'm not fixing any of the world's many, many problems.
I just doodle and scribble pretty much.
I'm just purely decorative.
Then it was one of those days that we've all had.
 One you wish you could just skip over and forget.
One where if something was going to go wrong, it surely would.
Or one just full of bad news you wish it would just go away.
It was also one of those days like many others that yet another  shameful online purchase arrived.
Every time I hear that big brown, box truck downshifting a quarter mile away and my heart starts a beating.
I can't remember what arrived that day, but it was something pretty, or fancy or fun.
I can't recall.
But at that moment I had an epiphany.
It's just stuff.
The fluffy stuff in life.
But it really made me happy.
With everything in life to endure, be it bills, illness or sadness
this was a happy thing and it mattered.
That made me feel ok with being "just" an artist.
I get to make pretty things that might make someone happy, or make a happy home.
It's these "things" be it flowers for your garden, crazy new shoes, or pretties for your home that make the bad things more bearable.
So all that said I am honestly (and shamelessly!) proud to announce my own new line
of pretties for the home.
It was a labor of love designing fabric with my artwork and paintings and then having soft goods hand crafted.
Cushy pillows, cozy down eiderdowns quilts, and plump tuffets all covered with artful designs.
I am hoping that in some small way they may bring you some joy and comfort to you and your home.
Thanks to all who inspired and encouraged me!
To take a peek and learn more








Saturday, September 12, 2015

color contentment

Wading through my sea of photos on my desktop I sometimes see certain patterns emerge.
Most of the time the scrolling thumbnails look like a bag of skittles spilled out over a melted box of crayons.
Paintings and artwork in every rainbow brite hue.
There's a lot of color.
On the other hand, open my closet door and there's a dreadful array
of black and mumbling grays...with just a whispering hint of color tucked in here and there. I'm sure these color items are dying to just once see the light of day.
I swear I can  hear their pleas.
Someday I tell them. Someday.

hmm, interesting.

Then on yet another hand, exterior shots of my home seem to sport a little something in between...muted olives and purples.
Not exactly planned. I suppose I just buy what strikes my fancy.
Purple flowers for the garden. Lilacs, lavender, perennial catnip, roses in fuchsia shades.
Verdant foliage, olive and bronze green paint fill in the gaps.

I'm not what is to be learned here.
Basically, I live by absolutely no rule of thumb as far as color goes.
Just go with what makes you content, and then see what emerges!

jennifer lanne
Purple Perennial Catnip
jennifer lanne
Garden Rose

jennifer lanne

Canvas Bucket filled with Roses
"Orchid Roses"

jennifer lanne
Jennifer Lanne studio entrance

jennifer lanne
Summer table setting

"Turtle" using the cat ladder

OK, no purples here...but just cool how miniature I look engulfed in ferns!
~Jennifer Lanne

Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Chance Encounter

jennifer lanne
An original painted tarp. And me, Jennifer Lanne in my centuries old barn.
Who doesn't love serendipity?
Fortunate happenstances or pleasant surprises?
That's how I feel about my partnership with Arhaus Furniture.
Our chance meeting a year ago at the Brimfield Antique Show led to a wondrous venture.
It was a pleasure working with Chief Creative Officer Gary Babcock and their team of talented product designers.
My paintings are artfully reproduced on platters, pillows and other tabletop designs ...exclusive to Arhaus.
So perfect to add that artisan or painterly touch to your home.
Also, keep your eyes peeled for my original painted tarpaulins in select Arhaus locations!

Hop over to the Greenhaus blog for more info and to watch the video from my talk with Gary from this past Brimfield.

Oh! And mark your Calendars for the May 2016  Brimfield Antiques Show.
I'll be in the New England Motel Field.
Details to follow.


jennifer lanne arhaus
A smattering of large painted tarps and products exclusively for Arhaus

jennifer lanne arhaus
A hand painted tarp in the "Caravan" tent
 ~ Jennifer Lanne ~