Monday, July 20, 2015

A Little Barn Shakin'

Sometimes it takes a seismic event to really shake those cobwebs out of the barn. I'm not talkin' bout an earthquake.. but stirring up a sweet summer barn concert!
Floors and rafters were swept, mismatched farm chairs piled in, barn doors flung open and party lights strung.
We were so fortunate to be invited to a friend's house concert by international recording artist Sean Rowe back in the Spring.
The music, the singing, the intimate atmosphere blew our hair back!
Luckily enough Sean had time in between his European and cross country touring to fit in a private barn concert for us.
What a treat! The cool guy tours with Glen Hansard and duets with Marketa Irglova. (of acclaimed movie Once)
If you're not familiar with Sean's music you should be!
(he's a deep, crooning baritone)
One of the most interesting voices out there...Think Cat Stevens, Johnny Cash with a little folk, alternative, blues and rock thrown in.
Catch him live if you can...his guitar work is barn rattling amazing!
This sturdy old barn never dolled up so nice or sounded better.
A little barn shaking is all she needed!

Sean Rowe doing what he does!

Painted stumps make great occasional seating

yucking it up as we're setting it up!
hmmm, Lisa guarding the treats??

Lily likes to help

the outside accomidations


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Brimfield Baby!

Here we go again!
Just a nudge, nudge reminder that Brimfield Antiques Show is coming up! really, finally.
For us Northerners this heralds in Spring,
mud,  antiques and treats galore,

I am thrilled and excited to be showcasing new works, paintings and objects of interest.
So stop by and see me at:
Tent Booth #51
Brimfield Mass.
May 13th 6am-5pm
May 14-16 9am-5pm
just drop me a line if you need more info at
No more excuses! Come to Brimfield!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

What, Where, When...have you been??

Maybe the question is "where have I been?" !
Can I claim technical difficulties?
Yes, that's it.

So now that I am back on Blogger I am doing some shameful promotion!
And the real question is: "Have you been to Schuyler Pond?"
It's a beautiful venue...especially for the sweetest day of the year. So please drag your sweetie or grab a friend and swing by on Valentine's Day!
It's a day to love thyself!
I'll be on hand with fresh paintings as well as these other gals:
Katie Camarro of Sundaes Best Hot Fudge
Beth Cuningham of Artifacts
Melody Elizabeth and Marie Pendley with their repurposed jewelry and accessories.
also, Jo-Ann Simone with her natural essential oils.
Hope to see you there!
Schuyler Pond
Rte 29
Saratoga, NY
Saturday February 14th 10am-5pm for more info and directions

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

picture this!

Exciting News!
Book signings added..
"Come ye all collectors of stuff and we shall share our glorious pain of desire for too many things!"~Mary Randolph Carter

For those of you unfamiliar with Carter, she is an icon and Creative Director for Ralph Lauren...and a woman who knows exactly who she is, and what she likes!
Carter is also an author of many books such as...
"American Junk","A Perfectly Kept House Is The Sign Of A Misspent Life" and "For The Love Of Old" as well as other delightful, inspiring reads.

Her newest book is released May 6, 2014 and features the homes and collections of people who just love "stuff"...and who embody the philosophy that 
~if it has a place in your heart, it has a place in your home~

Carter also collaborated with her son (also) Carter (an accomplished photographer with Ralph Lauren) on this body of work.
My home/farmette/studio is featured among the pages...24 to be exact!
I was one lucky ducky to get a sneak peek and can honestly attest that this is one book you will want~need in your collection!

Save the Dates
Hunter Bee, Millerton NY May 31st 4-6pm
(I'll be attending)

Langley Ordinaire, Langley VA June 14th

The Hudson Mercantile, Hudson NY June 21st
(I'll be attending)

also at 
 Anthropologie stores
Richmond, VA May 17th
Philadelphia, PA May 21st

Stay tuned for more dates and venues...or feel free to email me at 
or check my site 
Or hop on over to or to pre-order 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More Class!

April is proving to be a classy month!
Luckily my schedule has freed up a tad and I am able to add 2 more painting classes for awesome April.
Ah Spring!
I can't promise there won't be mud on your shoes and rain showers, but I can promise you'll paint some pretty paintings.
Below are some pictures from some of the last classes 
(sorry, I don't have pictures of everyone, I was a little slow on the draw... ) :  )
There was soooo much talent from even those who had never painted before.
Don't you want to buy them all??!!

So the details are:

Saturday April 12th 11am-? floral painting class
Saturday April 26th 11am-? chair painting class (this was a really fun one)

$105 non-refundable prepaid per class/per person
*materials included*

(each class runs approx 2 hours give or take)
refreshments served.

Limited seating, so please email me at:
or phone me at :

Thank you Vicky for the photo!

Monday, March 10, 2014

going cuckcoo

cuckoo marans
 It's been a long, arduous winter.
I think we can all attest to that!
Enough to make anyone go just a little cuckcoo.
In fact, I am taking it one step further.
Cuckoo Maran.
I've had an itch that I've needed to itch of a new batch of Spring chicks.
It's been 3 years since I've added to my flock!
Numbers have dwindled and it's time to add some new peeps to the brood.
Half the fun is picking out new breeds and high on my list are the Cuckoo Marans!
Cuckoo Marans are listed under the rare breed heading, prized for their dark brown eggs...the darkest brown there is, chocolate brown in fact.
OK, truth be told, they had me at chocolate.
Forget golden eggs, my mitts just can't wait to hold a chocolate one!
So, as Spring comes into my life, so will the newbies.
I can hardly stand it!

Monday, December 2, 2013

the gift of class

I think it's fair to say we all know someone in our lives that could use a little class...(maybe even ourselves).
And sometimes there is just no subtle way to lay it on them.
So why not in a gift?
The gift of class.
The gift of a painting class that is!
Give it or keep it for yourself...

Here goes:

Painting classes to be held at my barn studio here in upstate New York.
If you know where Albany is you're not too far off.
Once a month in the new year starting in January.
I will attempt to get a painting each time out of you, feed you snacks and I even promise to turn up the heat.

 Dates as follows:
Saturday January 11th 11am-?
Saturday February 8th 11am-?
Saturday March 8th 11am-?

Each class approx. 2 hours or until you have had just about enough.

January let's do a pretty floral painting.
February how bout a still life of sorts...maybe a funky chair or something cool.
and March I'm thinking a landscape, as by then we will need to be thinking greener, warmer thoughts!

So getting down to business...
Each class is $105 and includes your canvas, paint and munchies. Just bring your wonderful, classless self.
Triple up and the deal gets sweeter.
$300 gets you all 3 classes!

So book now to hold your cute, farm chair my studio is "cozy" and only room for a handful of the willing or unwilling.
Being as classes are small there's lots of one on one to get your brushes flowing properly!
You can even play 20 questions with me and I promise not to go bonkers.
And not to worry, there will be not knuckle rapping with rulers...this class is for anyone with or without any prior experience.
Loosey Goosey.

So give it, keep it whatever your heart desires.
One thing you'll be able to say is that you have class!

contact me to lock in your seat:

*in the event of a snow date we will try for Sundays following the dates...or an agreed upon snow date*

Classes must be pre-paid to hold your seat
and are non-refundable.
visa,m/c,amex or paypal.