Tuesday, April 15, 2014

picture this!

Exciting News!
Book signings added..
"Come ye all collectors of stuff and we shall share our glorious pain of desire for too many things!"~Mary Randolph Carter

For those of you unfamiliar with Carter, she is an icon and Creative Director for Ralph Lauren...and a woman who knows exactly who she is, and what she likes!
Carter is also an author of many books such as...
"American Junk","A Perfectly Kept House Is The Sign Of A Misspent Life" and "For The Love Of Old" as well as other delightful, inspiring reads.

Her newest book is released May 6, 2014 and features the homes and collections of people who just love "stuff"...and who embody the philosophy that 
~if it has a place in your heart, it has a place in your home~

Carter also collaborated with her son (also) Carter (an accomplished photographer with Ralph Lauren) on this body of work.
My home/farmette/studio is featured among the pages...24 to be exact!
I was one lucky ducky to get a sneak peek and can honestly attest that this is one book you will want~need in your collection!

Save the Dates
Hunter Bee, Millerton NY May 31st 4-6pm
(I'll be attending)

Langley Ordinaire, Langley VA June 14th

The Hudson Mercantile, Hudson NY June 21st
(I'll be attending)

also at 
 Anthropologie stores
Richmond, VA May 17th
Philadelphia, PA May 21st

Stay tuned for more dates and venues...or feel free to email me at 
or check my site 
Or hop on over to www.amazon.com or www.barnesandnoble.com to pre-order 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More Class!

April is proving to be a classy month!
Luckily my schedule has freed up a tad and I am able to add 2 more painting classes for awesome April.
Ah Spring!
I can't promise there won't be mud on your shoes and rain showers, but I can promise you'll paint some pretty paintings.
Below are some pictures from some of the last classes 
(sorry, I don't have pictures of everyone, I was a little slow on the draw... ) :  )
There was soooo much talent from even those who had never painted before.
Don't you want to buy them all??!!

So the details are:

Saturday April 12th 11am-? floral painting class
Saturday April 26th 11am-? chair painting class (this was a really fun one)

$105 non-refundable prepaid per class/per person
*materials included*

(each class runs approx 2 hours give or take)
refreshments served.

Limited seating, so please email me at:
or phone me at :

Thank you Vicky for the photo!

Monday, March 10, 2014

going cuckcoo

cuckoo marans
 It's been a long, arduous winter.
I think we can all attest to that!
Enough to make anyone go just a little cuckcoo.
In fact, I am taking it one step further.
Cuckoo Maran.
I've had an itch that I've needed to scratch...an itch of a new batch of Spring chicks.
It's been 3 years since I've added to my flock!
Numbers have dwindled and it's time to add some new peeps to the brood.
Half the fun is picking out new breeds and high on my list are the Cuckoo Marans!
Cuckoo Marans are listed under the rare breed heading, prized for their dark brown eggs...the darkest brown there is, chocolate brown in fact.
OK, truth be told, they had me at chocolate.
Forget golden eggs, my mitts just can't wait to hold a chocolate one!
So, as Spring comes into my life, so will the newbies.
I can hardly stand it!