Thursday, January 20, 2011

winter schminter

I was shoveling myself out the other day ( for what seemed like eternity and purgatory rolled into one giant, dirty snowball)....shaking my dry, cracked fist at the sky , cursing the heavens tossing it's "sparkle" upon me .....gazing about my ravished gardens and barns, deadened by winters whim.......when I recalled a photography book I have in my possession depicting "winter gardens"
At first I gave a disgusted, who could find beauty in that??!!

That has got to be the epitome of making lemonades out of ...I don't, rotten tomatoes??

But, as I looked around I did see something minisculey tolerable...and like the Griches heart something likable started to grow....

So , the shovel was tossed aside (not a problem) and I suddenly found the strength of 10 men... trudging through snow to snap just the right shot.

Ok, I did get a little over zealous.....

But make lemonade out of rotten tomatoes , I did!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

save the date!

heARt of Winter Folk Art Gallery Show
at the
Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery
March 4th and 5th 2011
211 East First Street
Sanford, Fla.
for directions and more info....
Hope to see you there!

Still Sparklin'

Under the Cloche 6x9x1 $90 wood, mica, glitter
Warming Trends 4x6x1 $68 wood, mica, glitter

Safe Keeping 6x9x1 $90 wood, mica, glitter

Spring Stream 5x5x1 $72 wood, mica, glitter

Blueness Abides 4x7x1 $80 wood, mica, glitter

Sweetness 3x5x2 $68 wood, glitter, mica

Remembering 3x5x2 $68 wood, mica, glitter

Reflections 3x5x2 $68 wood, mica, glitter
Posing 5x5x1 $72 wood, mica, glitter

Forever Yours 4x6x1 $68 wood, mica, glitter

Cool Water 4x6x1 $68 wood, glitter, mica

Auburn Fields 5x5x1 $72 wood, mica, glitter

Chocolate Home 3x5x2 $68 wood, mica , glitter

Finally....up for grabs....a preview of "sparkles" ready for sale!

Here's a bevy of painitngs on wood...distressed with wax finish and edges encrusted with glitter and mica.

I ask you, what more could you ask for??!!

I don't know if the glitter will translate the same in makeup without making me look like a lady of the night ....but I just pickep up some Sonia Kashuk glittery fun and fab!
Gotta love the juxtaposition of glitter my ever-so-fashionable snowpants!

Just email me at for availibilty on these new creations....
Have a good one and sparkle on!


Finally a fresh egg from the quail!

Monday, January 3, 2011

sparkle and fade

No sparkle fades quicker than a Christmas tree after the holidays.
How can something be so dazzling with wonderment and glee one minute....the next become this dehydrated, shedding eyesore ?
Poor, poor thing gets such a bad wrap.
Tree, I did love you once, truly I did.
But please, pick up your fallen needles and shove yourself back out the door.
I guess I am feeling nostalgic for the days of sparkle (like last week).
So with my trusty glue and glitter I have taken some of my latest distressed, wood paintings and encrusted the edges with gold/silver glitter.
Now, I usually side-step the word "encrusted".
Makes me think of things caked with crust...ex: bottoms of shoes, corners of eyes and medical conditions no one should ever talk about.
In my book there are only 2 manners where you should use that term:
On in Chicken Encrusted with Pecans....whenever I see that on the menu it's a done deal.
For encrusting the edges of paintings with shiny things.
Shiny things, pretty, shiny things....that's the key word.
SO here's some examples to bring back some of thaty sparkle.

more little mouths to feed

They say a sucker is born every minute....and well, here I am!
All friends of ours had to say was "Would you..." and I said "Yes!"
So here I am with 5 Coturnix Quail.
They are cute you have to bigger than a sparrow...and that's full grown!
I am impatiently waiting to see if they grant me any speckled eggs.

A few years ago I was "lucky " enough to go into a Korean(? I think) grocery store in Harrisburg PA.
"Lucky" I throw quotations around....because if you've ever been in a market such as this you would remember the horrendous fish smell.
I am not a fish lover anyway....but cannot imagine anyone would find this rotten wharfy smell enjoyable.
I believe I may unofficially hold the Guiness Worlds Record for holding one's breath.
I would like to say I held it like for 45 minutes...but know that must be humanly impossible...

This reminds me of the time my family was driving through Maine(I believe) and we saw the Guinness World Record's largest pizza being made.
For all of you who may be salivating all over your keyboard....don't be impressed!
All they did was take regular sized pizzas...lay them in concentric circles on some make a "seemingly" large pizza.
Can't remember if we ate any off said tarp .....but even as a kid I thought it seemed bogus.

However, back to the stinky grocery store....for a paltry fee I was able to grab a huge pack of fresh quail eggs.
Tiny little buggers...but I had the notion of blowing out the yolks and keeping the little egg shells for a nest I had found.
No small feat...but I did it! All 24 of them.

So, now it is befitting that I am now the caretaker of real live quails...
That answers the question as to which came first....the egg or the quail...
In this case I'd have to say the eggs.