Saturday, November 1, 2008

Give 'em the bird

Ok , don't take that the wrong way.... Thou I am sure there are a few unsavory people in your life that the sentiment and gesture may be entirely appropriate and or out of context.
I know I could point out a few nervy drivers on the highway just today.As in an effort to be lady-like I just gave them my surliest look, a real mean stink eye.
(Just ask my hubby, he's seen it plenty before).

But truly what I had in mind was presenting someone with a sweet fine feathered friend of the painted variety.

I've been swishing and swooping with my brush an array of painted birdies just in the nick of time for the holidays...and as a treat they are at a special price.

Now before you can say "goody goody gumdrops" ...I only have a limited amount.
So if you're looking to pass the bird along to a loved one for the holidays....act fast.
As it better to give the bird rather than receive. for availability and special pricing

shines makes me good natured

Kitty Babendrier shoadowbox tag a Cheryl Kuhn piece (love his piercing eyes) Why is it?
The more you are told not to do something...the more you must?
Moth to a flame syndrome, I suppose.

Warn a sassy child not to touch an electric fence and certain screeching will occur.
A"watch your step" warning equates to an assured trip and a fall.
Speed limit inevitable speeding ticket.

Pinch your pennies, tighten your wallet means I am destined to want!

Well, that's how I feel lately. I know I should show some self control on this economic roller coaster...but that's like telling a unruly chocoholic they cannot partake in sweet treats at a chocolate factory.
Sometimes the pleasure is worth the pain.
So lately I've had addiction shakes for shines,baubles and little pretties .
Fancy little tin types, overly played with metal farm animals. I have no choice you see.

So I must tame the inner beast and throw a sacrificial lamb (or dollar) to the God of Want and Need.