Saturday, June 9, 2007

secret love

quiet whispers,dreamy looks, stolen glances, misty hazy touches... really Colors, it meant nothing to me! The Muted Tones and I are just friends. Honest!

I really am still faithful to the vibrant hues...But I just couldn't help myself! Temptation beckoned and I answered...I'd like to say it was just this once....but there have been other times...Oh, memories of the mid-90's black leather pants purchase ... I just had to have them!

It's this new softer side....Landscapes with a linen wash, it's this new look that I've fallen in love with. Treescapes lightly veiled with the hint of screening. It's really drawn me in...

Sunday, June 3, 2007

a room of one's own

...ok, a line stolen from Ms. Wolfe. But 'tis true.
We all need a special space to create and be creative....a place to step out of your own comfort zone..that said, here is my special studio. Ah, how I can now think back fondly of the days painting at the kitchen table...harboring cans of paint in the corner by the fridge...the oven as my drying rack!
I have since upgraded to the barn....the one requirement as we bought our new/old house. Hubby and I went to task of gutting the old pig sty and removing 3 large dumpster loads of filthy, unspeakably dirty hay and garbage... If I am ever sent to purgatory I am sure that is what I'll be doing for eternity!
I will later post on the extensive barn renovating and will spare all the details for now....
So in the meantime here's a few shots of the finished product. My exterior studio entrance....the barn entrance with my welcoming moo-cow and an interior shot of some vibrant paintings.
I am so happy now to reflect on the good old days of walking uphill to school both ways, when a payphone was a dime, when you didn't know what was in fast food and when the cookbook stand was my easel.