Thursday, August 30, 2007

pillow problems

Yup, I've got it......a thing for pillows. Squishy, down-filled, plump vintage florals, smooshy ticking stripes, velvety trimmed or ruffly.
My poor hubby.
I guess it's the way they magically transform even the more sterile space into lushness.
Oh, how I long to dive head first into a cushy cavern of overstuffed fluff! Not to worry! I haven't lost complete control of all my mental facilities...!
I dread that I soon may have to sit, sleep and relax on the floor as every available space will be occupied by perfectly parked pillows......why, fear not! There's always options...floor pillows!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


It's the time of year I spend my evenings whiling away the hours in the apple trees.....It's not what you think. Erase the image of the dreamy ,English country-side , Jane-Austen vision you may have. The hammock sways empty.
It's me on a slippery, mossy slope bent like an ancient woman picking up the bruised windfall apples.
These little knobby gems pelt down from the sky with the rustling of the slightest breeze....easily filling bucket upon bucket. The day awaits that I will be beamed in the head by one of these emerald orbs.
And like Snow White... why, oh why can I not resist the temptation to taste one of these sour treats? They trick me every year with their plump apple-y appearance.....only to leave me with a sour-puss that only years of botched face lifts could achieve.

So why the self inflicted torture of collecting these crabbies you may ponder? I suppose it's the thought of all those little sour pretties being left unwanted that bothers me. Or perhaps the happy squeals of the pigs when they see me coming with a brimming bucket of windfall goodies.

Friday, August 3, 2007

save the date

Earth Angels presents


Celebrating the art of Jennifer Lanne and Jill Wiener

a showing of Jennifer Lanne's original paintings complimented with a showcase of "EarthGirl Pottery" by Jill Wiener

Saturday, September 15th

2pm-7pm Open to the Public

at The Country Life Gallery

Warwick, New York

please email me with questions or directions

Don't miss it!