Monday, October 22, 2007

first place

best worst chip

finest freckles

most likely to blush

Wouldn't this be a great world if just anyone could win an award? ...You know, not just the most beautiful pageant winners, talented actors or the fastest runners...

Of those categories I'm left out of the running.

Now, if someone were to hand out awards for, say... "The Best Worst Haircut" or "Most Likely To Wear Braces" or the "Most Awkward Foot In Mouth Moment" maybe I'd have a chance. Kind of a celebration of life's foibles and imperfections.....Boy, wouldn't that be grand! Or perhaps with the proper pedicure I could take "Cutest Toes." A girl can dream...

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to feel like a winner already!

So, look for my "obscure" award paintings....
I will be drizzling them out as I conger the sentiments!
Check them out soon through

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

gourd gracious

So I know the one thought that's been on everyone's mind...nagging at you like an itch you can't reach ....a real head-scratcher for sure...

What do we do with all the pig manure that accumulates??? Answer...we compost it. Sorry to disappoint. I could make up something extroidinary like we are running our town on methane...but,sadly this is not Thunderdome.

However, the most exciting tale is that springing and sprouting out of the manure are the most amazing collection of gourds and pumpkins. All those chunky seeds all but forgotten from last Fall's feedings until Spring and Summer brings them back to life....a constant reminder that you reap what you sow!

last but not least

The New York Applefest is coming to Warwick !
The first weekend of October is apon us and so are the apples and art! Due to popular demand the "Bounty" Gallery exhibit has extended through this weekend . I will be at the gallery on Sunday October 7th. if you come for the apples stop into the Country Life Gallery for a visit!