Thursday, October 27, 2011

silly really

Earth Angels Melody Elizabeth,  Me and Marie Pendley in the Country Living Boothamatic picture booth.
it all goes south from here...

  My goal this year was to fill my camera with stunning and gorgeous images of pretty wares from the Country Living Fair.
But seriously, I should be taken out behind the woodshed because this is all that came back on my camera.  But please admire my self control because I really wanted to "acquire" these massive farm friends banners as "souvenirs" for my barn. How cool would that have been? If not freakishly inappropriate?
Instead I am thinking Christmas cards..... hmmmm.
oh yes...this is just a sampling....I figure this is plenty to garner your disapproval. 

fellow Earth Angel pal Melody Elizabeth...totally gets the prize for the Best Massive Chicken Reaction!

for the love of chickens Marie!

milkmaid sisters Marie and Melody

America's next top model?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

return to stone mountain

 your  friendly reminder....and shameless plug! Join us, won't you??!!

The Country Living Fair South
Stone Mountain Park
Atlanta, Georgia
October 21-22-23