Sunday, January 20, 2008

have a heART

Somewhere amidst the sea of unorganized photos and saved files are my collection of "heart" occurrences. I'd love to show you , but that would mean rifling through that daunting pile... and unless someone was to offer me an amazing foot rub or Ewan McGregor as my pool boy it's not gonna happen.
I really had a good photog collection of these "natural heart" goings on. You know, like the shape in which the ice froze in the shovel head, the heart-shaped shock of white hair on a cow's forehead ( a common one on bovine's ....especially the black and white holsteins) . I even have a photo of the way a plop of lotion came out heartly-shaped on my foot.
Ok, I guess this may seem pretty pathetic and that I am writing it down I am realizing that....why stop now?
Just the other day I was sequestered to help hubby with the wretched chore of firewood. (Now,I'm a physical labor kinda gal...have a a chain gang? I'm your girl.......but I have to say "wretched ", not that I had to swing the ax....but I get the lovely job of plowing the wheelbarrow through the crusty snow to the woodshed....did you know you have muscles in your shoulders?)
Anywho, mid-swing I made hubby stop... because there reveled, shrouded under bark, was an extraordinary specimen for my collection....a wonderfully imperfect heart.
Hoping by now you are not hitting you "z" key with my droning on...I am shamelessly priming you for a mention of another heart. That'd be "the heART of Winter" original folk art show!
Yup, it's coming up real won't want to miss this one...

Here's the info:

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

glitter remains

Now that the fanfare of the holidays has gusted in and blown away like a barnstorming parade, all that remains is glitter.

The mantle stripped bare of it's medals.
Santas and Belsnickles dethroned.
Tawdry decorations imprisoned in boxes....for another years sentence.
All is like a ghost town with just a few tumbleweeds blowing about.
It's as if I am starting from scratch.....
Now to rebuild.
There's no excuses . I now must dust.

Then on to primping.
It's a wonderful feeling to re-invent. A new year, a new look.
A new burlap pillow....a quick dash to the local antiques shop for a pair of petite ironstone pitchers...and out to the barn to pillage for some primitive gimcrack my husband won't miss. ....and voila!

I've decided that January is still a glittery, frosty a few sparkly decorations were allowed to linger........afterall, the pine needles will saunter about for months!