Sunday, January 17, 2010

heArt of Winter

Yes indeed, It is time again for the Annual
heARt of Winter Folk Art Show
January 30-31st
At a fab new venue:
The Red Barn Antique Center
Warwick, New York.
What could be better??!!

days of swine and poses

You know, it's entirely possible I have spent the entirety of winter trying to snap a good photo of our pigs, Olive and Violet....mainly for painting inspiration....
Which I might add is a task of great they are as elusive as Snipe or Sasquatch...hibernating in their cozy house, only to appear when they hear the slop hit the dish.

And try to get a decent, respectable photo, I dare you.
Frozen fingers poised on the camera trigger...waiting for the perfecto moment .
Only to miss it by milliseconds (damn digital cameras!).
And would you think these pigs would know the sacred rule of extending a leg to look taller and slimmer? Or never, never ever give a full ,700lb.broadside view? So unflattering.

So for now you'll have to excuse me if I use some artistic freedoms in my pig paintings....

Thanks to Gena for the "pigtail" photo!
And no, they are not going to be on the In-And-Out menu.