Monday, March 30, 2009

A+ students

Pick your canvas!

the subject matter

Sheryl and her daughters hard at work

Marcella, Amanda and Zoe in a creative state
So, what's better to do on a rainy Sunday morning?
Learn to paint!
And could there be a better setting than Schuyler Pond Home and Garden?
I had a hard time concentrating surrounded by all the frills and finery's.
Somehow, I powered through.
As you can see the first painting class was a raging success!
These gals came ready, willing and certainly able.
Unbelievably, only one of the girls had taken a painting class before.
hmmm, I do feel a bit nervous that these students may have surpassed the teacher!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

have some class

Calling all hidden-artists

A few seats still available for the March 29th painting class...

I will will hold up my right hand , place my left hand on a palette and swear to do my best to instruct!

the details:

Sunday, March 29th 10am-noon
at the bodaciously, bucolic Schuyler Pond Home and Garden
Saratoga Springs , New York

$120/per person
all materials included
as well as a delicious light brunch!

the mission:

to start and complete(fingers crossed) your own floral painting!

Be there or be square!
call or email for further details

Monday, March 9, 2009

California, here I come...

warning: shameless plug

~California won't come to me, so I'm going to California~

Looking forward to meeting all you West-coasters!


Shameless....a word that describes so many things.
first of all, the name of the song that was played for my husbands and my first wedding dance. Doubly shameless as we didn't pick a song and left it up to the band.
Sadly, they were quite astute.
Shameless, also describing the way I decorate.
I don't know what it's called....hmmm...possibly "farmhouse frilly"...or "barnyard baubles"...or "pasture posh"...or my fav "depression era decorums."
Anything discarded, overly loved and worn....imperfect.
My dream house? With morbid curiosity you may inquire...
Imagine an overgrown abandoned farmhouse...swayback barns, crooked weathervanes, tobacco stained wallpaper, bare light bulbs, fanciful furnishings paired with farm wares.

Like diamonds wrapped in grainsacks.

So thanks To Jen for admiring my shameless style.

It's nice to know I'm not alone.......