Saturday, October 11, 2008

haytime...sissys no need apply

yep, even wrangled this table into the truck...couldn't leave without it!

So it's the time of year to stock the barn up with hay. This is the crucial time as hay right now is like penny candy...plentiful and sweet. Wait a few months and it's slim pickin's for sure.
Today was two loads from my favorite picture-perfect 1700's local farm. One load of a dozen bales at a time as that's all hubby's sad pick up will hold. 80 lb. double bales that is. Surely a work out for the old gal. (that'd be me)
Funny, today reminded me of the summer my sister worked on a horse farm....her body formed with freakish, steroidish muscles from hefting the bales.
This was the summer she retained the nickname "Androgynous Pat" (vintage SNL) she blurred the gender lines with her bulging physique.

This was also the summer she really grew to despise her younger sister (that'd be me again) for the taunting names of the boyish persuasion.
So in my consorted effort to maintain my puny Olive Oyle-ish muscle tone I will not be hoisting any more bales than needed. I am not nor ever will be above playing the weak girl card.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Decision '08

The debates are over...the campaign trail cold....the vote cast.
Yep, it's sadly been decided. I concede.
I will be postponing this year's Holiday Open House....until next year.

I'm sorry to say there will be no recount....with all this barnstorming and appearances I'm swamped and mired in a sea of commitments.... Appearances in November in Warwick, NY (to be decided) and an Artifacts Shop Open House appearnce on December 6th (watch for details)
Now before the mudslinging and hurling of rotten tomatoes...I promise to the public to throw an even more elaborate event (as time permits) next year!!! mind's wheels are already creaking and turning....OH, just you wait!
So in the meanwhile check out my site for new works as they crop well

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

blow yer hair back!

Me and good friend "Earthgirl" Jill

a few displaysMe and pal Jen O'Connor having fun with pumpkins(notice the looters in the background!)
And blow your hair back it did! Thanks to all who made the voyage to the Country Living Fair in Ohio. Brave souls you are to endure the elements....rain, heat, humidity and the 60mph wind gusts!
I myself have even been a whirling dervish since I got back. Evidence being my half unpacked suitcase leering at me from the bedroom floor. Oh, how I despise that job.
I swear the seemingly lifeless bag reaches up to grab my ankle as I walk pass ....and with the faint, last dying words of a fallen victim says "please, please unpack me".
Eventually I will need those clothes and will give in to that last dying request....or perhaps just toss some more back into it for my trip back to the Country Living Fair next year!