Tuesday, August 19, 2008

barnstorm....Ohio or bust!

Westward ho!

I will be traveling over hill and dale, mountains and yonder, fording streams passing through valleys. No, I am not Sacagawea blazing a trail with the manly duo Lewis and Clark.
This is a trip of greater proportions....a trip of monumental importance....a voyage worth rewriting the history books for.

A journey to the Buckeye State for the 2008 Country Living Fair!
Artwork has been seeded, sown and harvested and enroute.

I will be siding with a wonderful group of women artists heading to Ohio for this extraordinary event.
Navigate your way by bus, train or plane, caravan, covoy or just hitchike.
Join in and mollycoddle yourself with fripperies and artistic gems.

Look for me and all the other Earth Angels in the Artists tent.

2008 Country Living Fair
Sept. 12-14th
rain or shine

Columbus, Ohio


Anonymous said...

Your a great artist I think it will be very rewarding to make the journey

Pam said...

Can't! I made it last year and I wouldn't miss it this year. Have a great trip to beautiful Ohio. P.

Jerusalem said...

Oh I wish I could come... What fun - have a blast! That blue truck painting is too cute - great job as always!

Diane Duda said...

I was really hoping to make it to this one. Only a 3 hour drive from here.
But, alas, my son has a show that weekend. He's in a local band and we never miss a show. :(

have fun!

Donna said...

Great paintings! Have fun at the fair!