Saturday, September 12, 2015

color contentment

Wading through my sea of photos on my desktop I sometimes see certain patterns emerge.
Most of the time the scrolling thumbnails look like a bag of skittles spilled out over a melted box of crayons.
Paintings and artwork in every rainbow brite hue.
There's a lot of color.
On the other hand, open my closet door and there's a dreadful array
of black and mumbling grays...with just a whispering hint of color tucked in here and there. I'm sure these color items are dying to just once see the light of day.
I swear I can  hear their pleas.
Someday I tell them. Someday.

hmm, interesting.

Then on yet another hand, exterior shots of my home seem to sport a little something in between...muted olives and purples.
Not exactly planned. I suppose I just buy what strikes my fancy.
Purple flowers for the garden. Lilacs, lavender, perennial catnip, roses in fuchsia shades.
Verdant foliage, olive and bronze green paint fill in the gaps.

I'm not what is to be learned here.
Basically, I live by absolutely no rule of thumb as far as color goes.
Just go with what makes you content, and then see what emerges!

jennifer lanne
Purple Perennial Catnip
jennifer lanne
Garden Rose

jennifer lanne

Canvas Bucket filled with Roses
"Orchid Roses"

jennifer lanne
Jennifer Lanne studio entrance

jennifer lanne
Summer table setting

"Turtle" using the cat ladder

OK, no purples here...but just cool how miniature I look engulfed in ferns!
~Jennifer Lanne

Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Chance Encounter

jennifer lanne
An original painted tarp. And me, Jennifer Lanne in my centuries old barn.
Who doesn't love serendipity?
Fortunate happenstances or pleasant surprises?
That's how I feel about my partnership with Arhaus Furniture.
Our chance meeting a year ago at the Brimfield Antique Show led to a wondrous venture.
It was a pleasure working with Chief Creative Officer Gary Babcock and their team of talented product designers.
My paintings are artfully reproduced on platters, pillows and other tabletop designs ...exclusive to Arhaus.
So perfect to add that artisan or painterly touch to your home.
Also, keep your eyes peeled for my original painted tarpaulins in select Arhaus locations!

Hop over to the Greenhaus blog for more info and to watch the video from my talk with Gary from this past Brimfield.

Oh! And mark your Calendars for the May 2016  Brimfield Antiques Show.
I'll be in the New England Motel Field.
Details to follow.


jennifer lanne arhaus
A smattering of large painted tarps and products exclusively for Arhaus

jennifer lanne arhaus
A hand painted tarp in the "Caravan" tent
 ~ Jennifer Lanne ~

Monday, July 20, 2015

A Little Barn Shakin'

Sometimes it takes a seismic event to really shake those cobwebs out of the barn. I'm not talkin' bout an earthquake.. but stirring up a sweet summer barn concert!
Floors and rafters were swept, mismatched farm chairs piled in, barn doors flung open and party lights strung.
We were so fortunate to be invited to a friend's house concert by international recording artist Sean Rowe back in the Spring.
The music, the singing, the intimate atmosphere blew our hair back!
Luckily enough Sean had time in between his European and cross country touring to fit in a private barn concert for us.
What a treat! The cool guy tours with Glen Hansard and duets with Marketa Irglova. (of acclaimed movie Once)
If you're not familiar with Sean's music you should be!
(he's a deep, crooning baritone)
One of the most interesting voices out there...Think Cat Stevens, Johnny Cash with a little folk, alternative, blues and rock thrown in.
Catch him live if you can...his guitar work is barn rattling amazing!
This sturdy old barn never dolled up so nice or sounded better.
A little barn shaking is all she needed!

Sean Rowe doing what he does!

Painted stumps make great occasional seating

yucking it up as we're setting it up!
hmmm, Lisa guarding the treats??

Lily likes to help

the outside accomidations


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Brimfield Baby!

Here we go again!
Just a nudge, nudge reminder that Brimfield Antiques Show is coming up! really, finally.
For us Northerners this heralds in Spring,
mud,  antiques and treats galore,

I am thrilled and excited to be showcasing new works, paintings and objects of interest.
So stop by and see me at:
Tent Booth #51
Brimfield Mass.
May 13th 6am-5pm
May 14-16 9am-5pm
just drop me a line if you need more info at
No more excuses! Come to Brimfield!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

What, Where, When...have you been??

Maybe the question is "where have I been?" !
Can I claim technical difficulties?
Yes, that's it.

So now that I am back on Blogger I am doing some shameful promotion!
And the real question is: "Have you been to Schuyler Pond?"
It's a beautiful venue...especially for the sweetest day of the year. So please drag your sweetie or grab a friend and swing by on Valentine's Day!
It's a day to love thyself!
I'll be on hand with fresh paintings as well as these other gals:
Katie Camarro of Sundaes Best Hot Fudge
Beth Cuningham of Artifacts
Melody Elizabeth and Marie Pendley with their repurposed jewelry and accessories.
also, Jo-Ann Simone with her natural essential oils.
Hope to see you there!
Schuyler Pond
Rte 29
Saratoga, NY
Saturday February 14th 10am-5pm for more info and directions