Thursday, October 9, 2008

Decision '08

The debates are over...the campaign trail cold....the vote cast.
Yep, it's sadly been decided. I concede.
I will be postponing this year's Holiday Open House....until next year.

I'm sorry to say there will be no recount....with all this barnstorming and appearances I'm swamped and mired in a sea of commitments.... Appearances in November in Warwick, NY (to be decided) and an Artifacts Shop Open House appearnce on December 6th (watch for details)
Now before the mudslinging and hurling of rotten tomatoes...I promise to the public to throw an even more elaborate event (as time permits) next year!!! mind's wheels are already creaking and turning....OH, just you wait!
So in the meanwhile check out my site for new works as they crop well

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