Saturday, February 16, 2008

dirty word

metal cows for the recessed nook above the window

Mire,muck, mudd .... four letter words in my book . (ok english majors I added a "d" to mud). All considered fightin' words around these parts. So hubby and myself used our collective brains and finally decided it was time for a mudroom.
Ah, music to my ears. How could such a dirty word envision such sweet thoughts? Mudroom....the word is like drizzling honey in my ears. Why art there no sonnets written about mudrooms? Shouldn't heaven be dubbed "the big mudroom in the sky"?
well, if you've never had one you might feel as I do.
So thus is why we decided we could enclose and lose some of our precious porch space.
Dreams do come true.
So now we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. And the tittilating task of decorating begins. Painting day has come and gone...yes, I am one of those silly people that picks paint colors based on the names........."Country Dairy White" thank you.
It would be an insult to call the room "small". So I'll be politically correct and call it petite, charming , modest even not much is allowed for frills.
A lovely bench...nostalgic pictures and as many cows as will fit. Oh yeah and all those boots and coats.
So the next time you hear a dirty word.....don't you dare cover your ears!

possibilities for the new space?

Painting day....Lily wants to help

dinner on the go

some fair memories converted to sepia may make the mudroon cut