Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So years ago...maybe like 15 , my sister and I won 2 free sitting at Glamour Shots in the local mall.
For those of you who escaped this phenomenon....Glamour Shots was this pseudo-professional service that gave you a funeral-director type makeover.... slathering you with thick pancake make-up, a peacocks display of unnatural hair teasing and bejeweling and donning you in frocks left over from the cast of Dynasty.
As frighteningly old we looked for our age, it was kinda fun to be pampered.
My sister chose a ravishing beaded evening gown with a fur stole...myself, I was torn between the white leather bustier....and the classic black leather jacket with matching leather hat.
I went with classic black.
I do have have these photos...yes indeed. I could never part with gems like these.
The real question is , will I post them on this blog.
That would be a no.
They are safely tucked away and only snuck out when I need a giggle.
Thou, I do wonder what ever happened to all the negatives Glamour Shots must have accumulated?

So in my homage to Galmour Shots....I did my own take on glam-animal shots....minus the feather boas and aqua net.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

classy situation

Ok, so the painting class was held....and can you believe the talent??!!
I so wanted to tell all of these wonderful ladies that there was a tragic art heist and that all of their paintings were gone forever....Gone forever to my house!
There isn't one painting in the batch that I wouldn't covet for my own.
And many thanks again to the impeccable Schuyler Pond for hosting our artistic messiness and giggling!