Monday, May 11, 2009

thinking inside the box

So I've decided that today is opposite day.
A day where I will appreciate weeds and black flies...
A day where I will not declare "I'm bored" to my husband...(well, I'll try)
A day where I will love pulling ticks off cats...
A day where I won't go in CVS and buy more make up than I know what to do with.
(Really, look in my makeup'd think I was auditioning for Barnum and Bailey....or looking to marry a t.v. evangelist.)

A day where I will think "inside" the box.
That's right.I don't quite know what it is about the intrigue of something in a box.
Ergo the marketing genius of the Happy Meal, Cracker Jax and even those Chinese take out containers.

So, indulge me if I piggy-back on someone elses brilliance ...I am adding my own spin of inside a a
kind of a 3-D visual treat.
So here are some of my new paintings ....some on wood, some on canvas....some with fancy-smanchy vintage trims...some without.

So on opposite day...don't you dare think OUTSIDE the box!