Tuesday, December 7, 2010

when goats fly...SALE!

If you were wondering when I was having a Holiday Sale...well, wonder no more....

It's when goats sprout wings and fly!
So looks to me like it's time for a SALE!

So here's the deal:

DEC. 9th-13th, 2010
all paintings on my website http://jennferlanne.com/art_paintings.htm (up to 3 total)
are 30% off


So shop early for the best selection!
Shipping charges apply

email me at JDLanne@aol.com for availibilty
and pricing

Friday, November 26, 2010

next stop...PAULA'S!

Coming up next :
"Heart of Winter" West
Artful creations presented in a fabulous setting for festive shopping
"The Paula Shop"
Friday, Dec. 3 3pm-7pm
Saturday, Dec 4, 11am-3pm
139 West 1st Street, Tustin, California
visit http://www.shoppaula.com/ for directions and info on our host's avante garde clothing and home offerings.
If you are looking for me , I will be the one hogging the nearest dressing room!

Monday, November 22, 2010

season for shimmer

'Tis the season for glitter, shimmer, glisten......or at least it is in the studio this week!
Nothing more primal and fun than glitter snow.....maybe it's the kindergarten comfort it provides ....Like jello, spam and kool-aid.

If so, count me in!

So here's a new images of my "glitter wares".
Now to explain to everyone why I have glitter on my face and in my hair.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


So every once in a while I like to test hubby's memory....or shall I say his attentiveness.
for instance:

Me: "Gee, without looking, what color are my eyes?"
Hubby: "Brown"
Me: "ehhhhh, wrong, hazel....always hazel"
Me:"What's my height ? ( I never ask for weight)
Hubby: "5' 4""
Me: "duh....off by 2 inches"
Hubby: "Well, I am accounting for you in with your average shoe height"
Me: "nice save"
Me: "What's my favorite color?
Hubby: "RED"
Me: ......speechless

Bingo he got one right......or maybe he's just a good guesser...really there was actually more than one right answer to that question............either way I am impressed.
And it got me gears in my head turning....I do really love RED.

So back to the studio with visions of red in my head.
Ripe, cheery reds,
tawdry, passionate reds,

rich , decadent reds,

40's glam reds
LOVE them all.....

Now if he would only remember my shoe size...gotta work on that.

Afterall, Christmas is rapidly approaching!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

fanfare and all that

"Running Through Life with Fiddlesticks and Fanfare"

So, I really hope there are diligent people out there that are more on the ball than me.
Thank goodness for the Alphas that keep the world turning.
I have meant to do some blog posts....lots and lots of blog spots. ....but where did the summer go??? I truly haven't been sitting around eating bon bons watching Soaps. Well, only because they are cancelling my favorite one this Sept. and I made the break earlier in the year. (As the World Turns...ironic )
And, no one has brought me bon bons in a while.
Honest, I have all these ideas in my head. If only everyone could read my mind it would save me alot of work. Thou, that could be tricky work...there seems to be a lot of nonsense rattling around in my noggin as well.....you know, the normal memorizing celebrity baby names.
Doesn't everyone do that??
Laugh if you will....but at the last wedding shower I went to I totally killed in the game "naming celebrity couples" ....won me a cool pair of socks and some bath and body lotion.
Who says fiddlestick knowledge doesn't pay off??
So this is really a post to remind you of the upcoming Country Living show in Ohio...
And that there is a part two in Atlanta in October.
Here's the important info you need:
The Country Living Fair
Columbus, Ohio
Sept 24-26
Ohio Historic Village
The Country Living Fair
Atlanta , Georgia
Stone Mountain
Oct. 22-24
I hope to see you there!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the art of ironing

So, years ago hubby learned the art of blacksmithing from an old timer....dabbled in it a bit ....making practical gimcracks and whatnots ....you know, hobby , time burning , driving-wife-crazy stuff. And I thought, as all wives do....how can I make better use of hubbys time??
It was only natural and inevitable that I would eventually covert this properly trained blacksmith to the dark, seedy world of art.
Ok, maybe not dark.....but surely twisted a tad.
So here is our collaborating of iron and canvas....
Hubby heats, bends, contorts old farm tools and implements ...(pitchforks are a favorite)...into sculptural displays for my paintings.
more forging hammers than you can shake a stick ata few finished florals....................pigtails and pig iron.....the old Swedish anvil........Dick at workDick is very proud that everything is hand forged in a very primitive manner.....without the use of power tools or any type of electrical equipment.....
After the metal cools, I come along and "purdy-up" and fit the molded and melded iron with a painting that suits it best.
Voila! A perfect marriage of metal and canvas.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So years ago...maybe like 15 , my sister and I won 2 free sitting at Glamour Shots in the local mall.
For those of you who escaped this phenomenon....Glamour Shots was this pseudo-professional service that gave you a funeral-director type makeover.... slathering you with thick pancake make-up, a peacocks display of unnatural hair teasing and bejeweling and donning you in frocks left over from the cast of Dynasty.
As frighteningly old we looked for our age, it was kinda fun to be pampered.
My sister chose a ravishing beaded evening gown with a fur stole...myself, I was torn between the white leather bustier....and the classic black leather jacket with matching leather hat.
I went with classic black.
I do have have these photos...yes indeed. I could never part with gems like these.
The real question is , will I post them on this blog.
That would be a no.
They are safely tucked away and only snuck out when I need a giggle.
Thou, I do wonder what ever happened to all the negatives Glamour Shots must have accumulated?

So in my homage to Galmour Shots....I did my own take on glam-animal shots....minus the feather boas and aqua net.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

classy situation

Ok, so the painting class was held....and can you believe the talent??!!
I so wanted to tell all of these wonderful ladies that there was a tragic art heist and that all of their paintings were gone forever....Gone forever to my house!
There isn't one painting in the batch that I wouldn't covet for my own.
And many thanks again to the impeccable Schuyler Pond for hosting our artistic messiness and giggling!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

peep show, cute chicks

Well, I am so sorry to make you all melt into your computer chairs with the epic cuteness....but how sweet???
My new little darlings arrived on Easter Sunday ...right on cue.
And I have been fawning over them ever since.
Only hubby was disappointed when he found out that the free exotic chick that was included was not a leggy Russian woman named Natasha.
Sorry hubby, not in this lifetime I'm afraid.
Your fate is a redheaded, shortcake with freckles.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

painting class

Calling all hidden-artists
I will will hold up my right hand , place my left hand on a palette and swear to do my best to instruct!

the details:
Sunday, April 25th 10am-noon
at the bodaciously, bucolic Schuyler Pond Home and Garden
Saratoga Springs , New York

$120/per person
all materials included
as well as a refreshments to wet your whistle.

the mission:
to start and complete(fingers crossed) your own floral painting!

Be there or be square!
call or email for further details
No prior talent or experience needed!

Monday, February 22, 2010

bovines in the boudoir

A few of my new chair infused paintings....this one titled "Bovines in the Boudoir"...24x36

and no, the title did not come about by a spicy food dream.
Thou, I must admit lately I'm obsessed with Tabasco flavored Cheez-its .

I dread the day the company ceases productive on these gems.

So, I implore you all to purchase these with care abandon...hoard them if you can....maybe this will encourage the Cheez-it people to keep the shelves stocked.

Worst case scenario, If they are cruelly discontinued I will more than likely to be quite motivated to buy them from you for like $50 a box.

"Kick'in Back" 24x24

Sunday, February 21, 2010

death by deletion

Nobody wants to be the hatchet man, the hit man, the hired gun,the bad guy.
But sometimes you just gotta step up and do it.
Like any able bodied person with an itchy trigger finger, I too own a digital camera riddled with lifeless pictures.

Pictures with no future.
Pictures of no relevance.
Pictures of no consequence.

These pictures are not bad mind you.
They've done nothing wrong.....they just don't quite fit in anywhere.

It's just, quite frankly I'm tired of them taking up valuable space.

Valuable space for more cute pig pictures....space for cats engaging in adorable sleeping poses....blurry, moving chicken photos .

These photos trapped in my digital are oh-so-pretty to look at ....kind of like that guy with the bad ass tattoos and the I-work-out-alot muscles ..... nice to see, but boy I wouldn't want to be married to him.
Just can't see them in my life forever.

No offense pictures, but you must be purged.

So I will hold back my Donald Trump bangs and with a push of a button I will bravely declare "you're fired".
I know I will see you again.

As uncomfortable as I am in my role as exectutioner, I now realize these pictures will live in blog land forever.

More to follow.....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

heArt of Winter

Yes indeed, It is time again for the Annual
heARt of Winter Folk Art Show
January 30-31st
At a fab new venue:
The Red Barn Antique Center
Warwick, New York.
What could be better??!!