Thursday, September 16, 2010

fanfare and all that

"Running Through Life with Fiddlesticks and Fanfare"

So, I really hope there are diligent people out there that are more on the ball than me.
Thank goodness for the Alphas that keep the world turning.
I have meant to do some blog posts....lots and lots of blog spots. ....but where did the summer go??? I truly haven't been sitting around eating bon bons watching Soaps. Well, only because they are cancelling my favorite one this Sept. and I made the break earlier in the year. (As the World Turns...ironic )
And, no one has brought me bon bons in a while.
Honest, I have all these ideas in my head. If only everyone could read my mind it would save me alot of work. Thou, that could be tricky work...there seems to be a lot of nonsense rattling around in my noggin as know, the normal memorizing celebrity baby names.
Doesn't everyone do that??
Laugh if you will....but at the last wedding shower I went to I totally killed in the game "naming celebrity couples" ....won me a cool pair of socks and some bath and body lotion.
Who says fiddlestick knowledge doesn't pay off??
So this is really a post to remind you of the upcoming Country Living show in Ohio...
And that there is a part two in Atlanta in October.
Here's the important info you need:
The Country Living Fair
Columbus, Ohio
Sept 24-26
Ohio Historic Village
The Country Living Fair
Atlanta , Georgia
Stone Mountain
Oct. 22-24
I hope to see you there!!!