Thursday, December 18, 2008

santa, reindeer, the whole hog and the man in the moon.

Santa, reindeer, the whole hog and the man in the moon.

Nope, not characters from a spicy pizza induced dream. Just the sporadic ramblings of my pre-holiday morning.

Ok, let me backtrack to where this twisted tale started.
I was arranging my vintage light bulb santa heads gazing at my well placed mantle reindeer...when ...ah ha! I, in a moment of grandiose brainstorms...and feeling a little moxie I decided to saunter a mile and a half down the road to the reindeer farm ...on a mission for spectacular photos of antlered beauties.

Cold was I.....but I pressed on....knowing what a feather in my cap these images would be on next years Christmas cards.
Thou shy and unassuming....(As you can't tell by the photos)...these deer don't disappoint.
What dazzling ,velvet-rubbed branched crowns they don!
Onward and homeward I set my path. A silly grin pasted on my face...or be it frozen on?
Anywho, As I neared home and easily distracted by pretty things.....I snapped a spectacular side portraiture of one of our mammoth piggies.
The whole hog as you will.
And as in any true Simpsons or Seinfeld episode....stories never end where they started.
So , famished as I was and realized I should have carb-loaded before this workout...I headed straight for one (ok, maybe 2) Man in the Moon cookies.

I love life's little journeys...the things you see beyond your four walls and p.c.

As a little's the world's best(self annointed by moi...yeah , that's right) Cookie Recipe.
If you haven't a Man in the Moon're on your own! Any will work....

The Cookie

cream togeter:
1cup butter
2/3 cup sugar
beat in:
one egg

combine and add:
1 tsp vanilla
2 1/2 cups sifted flour

mix until ingredients are well blended
Chill dough 3-4 hours
before rolling.
Preheat oven to 350
Roll out and cut

Bake for about 8-10 minutes each
or slightly browned

The Frosting
3/4 cup sifted powdered sugar
1 tbl butter
1 tbl milk
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp lemon juice
melt butter, combine all ingredients
beat until smooth

SLATHER on cooled cookies!
Enjoy...and no, you don't have to share.

creature comforts

Creature comforts.....we all have them. Whether you're an Ugg junkie (thanks for getting me hooked Jen)... mani-pedi fanatic...tabloid devotee.... have a chocolate fetish(sometimes that cookie at the end of the day makes everything ok)or crazed for cashmere.
Now, I am not necessarily copping to all or any of the above. Merely examples of course.
Thou I will admit that my true blue creature comfort is just that......creatures.
Animals, big and small...real or decorative. Love them all....with a few slithering exceptions.
I didn't realize my "problem" until it was mentioned sweetly by a good friend..."gee, everywhere I look ....I see animals".
Ok, it's been a while since I dressed up my cat for a tea, I don't think this critical.
I often wondered how those old women in the news end up in squallor with 100 cats.
Just surrounding herself with what she loves.
So I emplore...please, oh please....feel free too intervene if I get to that point.