Friday, November 26, 2010

next stop...PAULA'S!

Coming up next :
"Heart of Winter" West
Artful creations presented in a fabulous setting for festive shopping
"The Paula Shop"
Friday, Dec. 3 3pm-7pm
Saturday, Dec 4, 11am-3pm
139 West 1st Street, Tustin, California
visit for directions and info on our host's avante garde clothing and home offerings.
If you are looking for me , I will be the one hogging the nearest dressing room!

Monday, November 22, 2010

season for shimmer

'Tis the season for glitter, shimmer, glisten......or at least it is in the studio this week!
Nothing more primal and fun than glitter snow.....maybe it's the kindergarten comfort it provides ....Like jello, spam and kool-aid.

If so, count me in!

So here's a new images of my "glitter wares".
Now to explain to everyone why I have glitter on my face and in my hair.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


So every once in a while I like to test hubby's memory....or shall I say his attentiveness.
for instance:

Me: "Gee, without looking, what color are my eyes?"
Hubby: "Brown"
Me: "ehhhhh, wrong, hazel....always hazel"
Me:"What's my height ? ( I never ask for weight)
Hubby: "5' 4""
Me: " by 2 inches"
Hubby: "Well, I am accounting for you in with your average shoe height"
Me: "nice save"
Me: "What's my favorite color?
Hubby: "RED"
Me: ......speechless

Bingo he got one right......or maybe he's just a good guesser...really there was actually more than one right answer to that question............either way I am impressed.
And it got me gears in my head turning....I do really love RED.

So back to the studio with visions of red in my head.
Ripe, cheery reds,
tawdry, passionate reds,

rich , decadent reds,

40's glam reds
LOVE them all.....

Now if he would only remember my shoe size...gotta work on that.

Afterall, Christmas is rapidly approaching!