Thursday, November 29, 2007

what's your sign?

Thrilled was I to find the fab wooden sign to hang above hubby's tractor. Now, it didn't start out that way.

It originally boasted the phrase "The Proctor"....apparently pillaged off an old hotel no longer in existence. "Proctor" Sounding more like a doctor's title ...and one you hope to never visit.

Under intense scrutiny I noticed the faint remnants of even older paint...the sign was originally "Cottage Hotel". Ok, it's not like I cracked the Davinci Code....but I felt pretty good about my keen eye and amatuer sleuthing!
So knowing others had repainted before guilt was alleviated.
With the swish of my brush and the change of 2 letters it suddenly morphed into "The Tractor" ....apropos don't ya think?


Kissing of the Frogs said...

Ha! I LOVE your Tractor sign, so fitting for your farm. What an eye...what an eye....

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer...I am Linda's "AOL's Journal" friend, Bethe. I think you ought to leave the old sign lite up all year.
When you mentioned "Proctor", it reminded me of the old Theater in Schenectady. I googled it and was happy to see that it is still operating.

Thank you for sharing! Bethe

paige said...

too funny!!
love it especially all in lights!
also love the cream/blue roses in your earlier post!
happy holidays

For Love Of Home said...


Philigry said...

i am so glad i found your blog! i have seen you in the magazines, and love your work, so beautiful! Christi tacy is a dear friend of mine, and she told you about your blog. she said your open house was beautiful! i will be visiting again soon!