Saturday, November 10, 2007

fine lines

There does seem to be a fine line between love and hate.

Sometimes the line blurs so much it makes you cross-eyed.

Thus, my true feelings on Winter.

Just a few weeks ago I was whimpering at the thought of inching up the thermostat, belly-aching over the notion of warming up vehicles, and cursing Mother Nature for committing frosticide on my garden.

Suddenly I find myself gayly ripping out droopy blooms from window boxes ...only to replace them with boughs.

Relishing the idea of buying a new scarf.

Excited to shimmy into bulky sweaters and over-the-knee socks . (by the way here's a great site for them: )
Sprucing up the house with glittering ornaments and sparkly do-dads that border on being gaudy.

I don't know when and how the transition to a love affair with this season happens , but it does.
I suppose it's like waking up to a foot of snow.......suddenly it's here and wonderful and you didn't hear or see it coming!


Stephanie said...

Such pretty photos of your home. I love how Violet and Olive have a wreath for the holidays too!

Bethe said...

I've just started looking at your web site. Believe it or not...My husband & I with friends, lived in that very house 30 yrs ago. Both worked at Graphic Arts studio in Schenectady. Back then cows were in the back yard and horseradish grew alongside the barn.

paige said...

too funny!
love that the piggies have holiday decor too.
thanks for the peek into your home!

Diane Duda said...

Oh, I just wann hug those pigs!!!

Classic Charm said...

oh my goodness...just found your blog. I so enjoyed my visit...and rest assured I'll be back - HA!
Rose @Classic Charm