Thursday, December 6, 2007

Holiday Harvest Open House...

My good friend Erika brandishing a gift-wrapped bundle

A little barn-shopping!

A wonderful find....vintage church pageant wings!

Is this Vixen or Cupid? Stephanie Lloyds purchase!

Mini cyprus and snowbirds don a coffee table.

My amazing purchase ...A mammoth, overstuffed down pillow...fitted with a french homespun grain sack... fashioned by Jerry and Judy....I can't bear to remove that vintage silk bow!

Jackie's fab find.....a pair of ticking strip down pillows....also, by Judy and Jerry.

Ken and Judy all smiles!

Thanks to all who braved the chilled temperatures to join in the feativities of Holiday Harvest -Open house. It was a great success!

I can't wait 'til next year!


paige said...

sitting here down south, all jealous....
everything looks so fun & i love the reindeer painting.
oooohh....just had a thought, maybe one day your prints will be available on cards & such!

Philigry said...

i hear this was beautiful! i might come and visit christi (tacy) next year when you have this so i can come and enjoy it too! She told me about all the great stuff she got and I am jealous!