Saturday, April 28, 2007

big little red tractor

Spring rounds the corner to Summer.....this I know not from the sights and sounds of nature...but of the throaty chugging of my hubby's tractor. Acquired from a late uncle... the poor, over-worked farm machine had faded to pink with luster gone.
After several savvy coats of International red paint, new flashy decals, rebuilding, fine tuning and a little elbow grease she looked fresh off the assembly line...

Oh, the old girl still gets her workout....a gals gotta keep in shape after all....but, for the most part she's been turned out to pasture...taken out for leisurely strolls past the neighbors and farms. Why get all gussied up if not to be seen after all?

So again with my paintbrush loaded with International red I transformed a canary yellow, cast iron ,lawn sprinkler tractor (of course) to it's proper hue as a gift to hubby.
Guess my hopes of a fancy "working" lawn sprinkler are dashed as it's seemingly stalled on my coffee table...another item just too pretty for hard work.


paige said...

love the bright red!
but i must confess, i LOVE the painting even more...maybe it will be for sale-wink!

jennifer lanne said...

You bet Paige....look for that painting and more like it soon posted on my site!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Your paintings are so joyful! I love the bright colors, and you pick terrific combinations. Kudos on painting a tractor, WOW!!

Wendy said...

Wow I love your art work. I would like to post a comment about your blog and the photos on this posting with your permission.
Please let me know if you approve.
-Mrs Peeks Farmhouse