Sunday, April 1, 2007

muddy boots

there is nothing quite as grand as a good pair of rubber boots...

maybe it's a childhood thing...being able to slosh through whatever's in your path...mud,slush,rain-soaked earth...devil may care!

what a contrast from wearing my goin-to-town shoes.........tip-toeing through spring mud...searching for small rock islands to save me...where is the gentleman to throw down his silk-lined overcoat for me to tread on?...ok, guess I won't hold my breath.

mine aren't your typical "putter about the garden" British wellies...mine are a rugged pair of men's Lacrosse rubber boots........I'm definitely not your garden-fashionista!

why do companies put so much into making a superior pair of mens boots and not womens? (another example...logger boots. which I also own in the smallest men's size....sort of a "high-heeled" boot for men...fab for the guy with the napoleon complex) I've decided womens boots aren't made for work...just looks...rather pretty and flirty colors and patterns...why not a stylish rubber purse to match?

nothing wrong with a little glitz and glam...we all need that at times. But when it comes to chores and sloshing buckets I rather prefer to be practical...ode to the rubber boot!

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Anonymous said...

i know you are having fun!!! so stylin'... my mom had a pet pig when she was little....said they are sweet, are they? i think the best is a lamb though, always smiling....i heard cows are dumb as dirt, are they?? much bigger though in person! scary!! are not not blogging because you are painting 24/7? bet you are!! love all your paintings...thanks, diane allison