Sunday, May 6, 2007

scenic route

I'm very lucky to live in an area steeped in history and lovely views. Vistas and horizons are dotted with centuries old farms, peppered with haybales and simple treelines as well as a colorful array of animals...
Walk down our road and you'll pass a reindeer farm with a clattering of guinea hens, a sheep farm fitted with vibrant peacocks, a cluster of humble brown Swiss oxen as well as landscapes polka dotted with Holstein cows.
Of those I couldn't pick a favorite. I suppose that is why I love painting simple treescapes. Something to be said for leaving your "i's" undotted and your "t's" uncrossed. Sometimes just the thought of a passing cloud or hedgerow is enough.
It's knowing when to put that brush down...


Diane Duda said...

All of your work is wonderful, but it is the landscapes that take my breath away.
Thank you.

Lana said...

Dear Jennifer,
I am so glad I followed Diane's link to your blog. And that sheep painting she had on her blog just stole my heart! I'll be back for another visit ~ of that I am sure!
Have a lovely day,