Sunday, April 15, 2007

april (snow)showers

Around here winter arrived late like a rude guest and stayed past the party's end.....

That was my first thought this April 14th morning. I feverishly snapped this shot of my flurry-laden bulbs in dismay....a one-gal pity party.....ready to prove to any willing reader the hardships of upstate New York (woe is me).

After loading the dismal photo onto my computer I slowly started to fall under the surly snow's spell. I suddenly felt this surge of inspiration. What a lovely site this persistent, green tulip makes sprouting against the fresh, spring snowfall.

I'm brimming with ideas of paintings of weathered crates crammed with bulbs and moss....chippy painted buckets of lily of the valley, tulips....I'm realizing the possibilities are endless!

This poor thread-bare snowfall won't'll be gone as soon as the sun emerges....but it sure has inspired me to pick up the brush and recreate it.....ok, maybe I'll leave out the snow...I'll always have the memories.


paige knudsen said...

a blog....oh happy day!!! i am thrilled!
your work has truly been an inspiration to me. i began an oil painting class about 9 months ago & i often am so inspired by YOUR paintings!! can't wait to follow you in blogland!

purple cucumbers folk art said...

Hi darling,droped in to see whats new,I love your art work,so orginal and colorful.great work.come visit me soon.