Monday, July 20, 2015

A Little Barn Shakin'

Sometimes it takes a seismic event to really shake those cobwebs out of the barn. I'm not talkin' bout an earthquake.. but stirring up a sweet summer barn concert!
Floors and rafters were swept, mismatched farm chairs piled in, barn doors flung open and party lights strung.
We were so fortunate to be invited to a friend's house concert by international recording artist Sean Rowe back in the Spring.
The music, the singing, the intimate atmosphere blew our hair back!
Luckily enough Sean had time in between his European and cross country touring to fit in a private barn concert for us.
What a treat! The cool guy tours with Glen Hansard and duets with Marketa Irglova. (of acclaimed movie Once)
If you're not familiar with Sean's music you should be!
(he's a deep, crooning baritone)
One of the most interesting voices out there...Think Cat Stevens, Johnny Cash with a little folk, alternative, blues and rock thrown in.
Catch him live if you can...his guitar work is barn rattling amazing!
This sturdy old barn never dolled up so nice or sounded better.
A little barn shaking is all she needed!

Sean Rowe doing what he does!

Painted stumps make great occasional seating

yucking it up as we're setting it up!
hmmm, Lisa guarding the treats??

Lily likes to help

the outside accomidations



Rebecca said...

♥'d the painted stumps & "outside accommodations"!
Why not more concerts in this great venue?

Sweet Life Farm said...

The scene of a magical summer evening you'll never forget. So, so wish I lived closer!