Saturday, September 12, 2015

color contentment

Wading through my sea of photos on my desktop I sometimes see certain patterns emerge.
Most of the time the scrolling thumbnails look like a bag of skittles spilled out over a melted box of crayons.
Paintings and artwork in every rainbow brite hue.
There's a lot of color.
On the other hand, open my closet door and there's a dreadful array
of black and mumbling grays...with just a whispering hint of color tucked in here and there. I'm sure these color items are dying to just once see the light of day.
I swear I can  hear their pleas.
Someday I tell them. Someday.

hmm, interesting.

Then on yet another hand, exterior shots of my home seem to sport a little something in between...muted olives and purples.
Not exactly planned. I suppose I just buy what strikes my fancy.
Purple flowers for the garden. Lilacs, lavender, perennial catnip, roses in fuchsia shades.
Verdant foliage, olive and bronze green paint fill in the gaps.

I'm not what is to be learned here.
Basically, I live by absolutely no rule of thumb as far as color goes.
Just go with what makes you content, and then see what emerges!

jennifer lanne
Purple Perennial Catnip
jennifer lanne
Garden Rose

jennifer lanne

Canvas Bucket filled with Roses
"Orchid Roses"

jennifer lanne
Jennifer Lanne studio entrance

jennifer lanne
Summer table setting

"Turtle" using the cat ladder

OK, no purples here...but just cool how miniature I look engulfed in ferns!
~Jennifer Lanne


rebecca said...

Tell me about that old table's cover? It almost appear you've painted the white roses onto the table, but I think not....It. Is. Gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Thanks for noticing the table ! It's actually one of my painted backdrops laid across the table as a table cloth. Usually they hang on the wall, but also makes for a fun table!

Sweet Life Farm said...

With you, the rule no matter what you do is beauty...lush, lovely, contentment-making! Love all the photos especially the sweet one of Turtle!