Thursday, February 5, 2015

What, Where, When...have you been??

Maybe the question is "where have I been?" !
Can I claim technical difficulties?
Yes, that's it.

So now that I am back on Blogger I am doing some shameful promotion!
And the real question is: "Have you been to Schuyler Pond?"
It's a beautiful venue...especially for the sweetest day of the year. So please drag your sweetie or grab a friend and swing by on Valentine's Day!
It's a day to love thyself!
I'll be on hand with fresh paintings as well as these other gals:
Katie Camarro of Sundaes Best Hot Fudge
Beth Cuningham of Artifacts
Melody Elizabeth and Marie Pendley with their repurposed jewelry and accessories.
also, Jo-Ann Simone with her natural essential oils.
Hope to see you there!
Schuyler Pond
Rte 29
Saratoga, NY
Saturday February 14th 10am-5pm for more info and directions

2 comments: said...

Yea!! Your back:) Welcome. Hey are you going to have classes again? I have a group of 5 ladies that are just itching to learn to paint. They told me that if I got in touch with you to ask, (but I didn't want to bother you:)
Thank you,
~Debra xxx capers of the vintage vixens blog

Unknown said...

Hi Debra.
I've been a busy bee! I hope to eventually get caught up and possibly offer more classes. I'll be sure to post if and when.
And btw you're never bothering me!!! Xxxoo Jennifer