Sunday, February 21, 2010

death by deletion

Nobody wants to be the hatchet man, the hit man, the hired gun,the bad guy.
But sometimes you just gotta step up and do it.
Like any able bodied person with an itchy trigger finger, I too own a digital camera riddled with lifeless pictures.

Pictures with no future.
Pictures of no relevance.
Pictures of no consequence.

These pictures are not bad mind you.
They've done nothing wrong.....they just don't quite fit in anywhere.

It's just, quite frankly I'm tired of them taking up valuable space.

Valuable space for more cute pig for cats engaging in adorable sleeping poses....blurry, moving chicken photos .

These photos trapped in my digital are oh-so-pretty to look at ....kind of like that guy with the bad ass tattoos and the I-work-out-alot muscles ..... nice to see, but boy I wouldn't want to be married to him.
Just can't see them in my life forever.

No offense pictures, but you must be purged.

So I will hold back my Donald Trump bangs and with a push of a button I will bravely declare "you're fired".
I know I will see you again.

As uncomfortable as I am in my role as exectutioner, I now realize these pictures will live in blog land forever.

More to follow.....


penny patten said...

I like your narration, nice pic's too!

molly susan strong said...

Do we not all have files full of these?? I love the horsey and the painted door. Did you paint that? I love the shadows but want to see the door too!Do you have another pic of it?

Nancy said...

I understand what you are saying, but I like the cow picture. We raise cows and I have plenty of pictures of them at shows and some just in the back field. Plus I have never seen a cow like that. Nancy P.

Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of your art for quite some time. I saved the Country Living Issue that featured your paintings. I hope someday I can afford one of your the ones with Cherries!
Thanks, JolieAnne