Thursday, September 16, 2010

fanfare and all that

"Running Through Life with Fiddlesticks and Fanfare"

So, I really hope there are diligent people out there that are more on the ball than me.
Thank goodness for the Alphas that keep the world turning.
I have meant to do some blog posts....lots and lots of blog spots. ....but where did the summer go??? I truly haven't been sitting around eating bon bons watching Soaps. Well, only because they are cancelling my favorite one this Sept. and I made the break earlier in the year. (As the World Turns...ironic )
And, no one has brought me bon bons in a while.
Honest, I have all these ideas in my head. If only everyone could read my mind it would save me alot of work. Thou, that could be tricky work...there seems to be a lot of nonsense rattling around in my noggin as know, the normal memorizing celebrity baby names.
Doesn't everyone do that??
Laugh if you will....but at the last wedding shower I went to I totally killed in the game "naming celebrity couples" ....won me a cool pair of socks and some bath and body lotion.
Who says fiddlestick knowledge doesn't pay off??
So this is really a post to remind you of the upcoming Country Living show in Ohio...
And that there is a part two in Atlanta in October.
Here's the important info you need:
The Country Living Fair
Columbus, Ohio
Sept 24-26
Ohio Historic Village
The Country Living Fair
Atlanta , Georgia
Stone Mountain
Oct. 22-24
I hope to see you there!!!


Stacy said...

This fan says, "Have a ton of fun at the fairs!" Oh, summer where art thou? Oh well, it's on to Autumn now! Wishing you a glorious one!

paige said...

so loved meeting you at the CL fair!!
& i'm thrilled to finally have a few of your paintings!

Ronnie said...

Great to see you at the CL Fair in Atlanta! From the looks of your display, you definitely got your act together. Beautiful in every way. I hope you Earth Angels return next year.