Monday, November 22, 2010

season for shimmer

'Tis the season for glitter, shimmer, glisten......or at least it is in the studio this week!
Nothing more primal and fun than glitter snow.....maybe it's the kindergarten comfort it provides ....Like jello, spam and kool-aid.

If so, count me in!

So here's a new images of my "glitter wares".
Now to explain to everyone why I have glitter on my face and in my hair.


penny patten said...

Jenniger these are wonderful! I love glitter, and how it gleens!

Nancy said...

Jennifer -I just love the sparkle it adds!!

Stacy said...

Wow, gushing with gorgeousness! I love the glitter! Love it even more that there is one on my wall! :) Enjoy this lovely, shimmery season! xoxo