Sunday, July 1, 2007

dog days

(top to bottom: the milkhouse,

Lovey Dovey taking a dust bath,

Some Hot blooms, view from the barn, Violet keeping cool.)

I don't think anyone is exempt from heat that Mother Nature is bestowing on us. Lately I feel know how it feels to be inside an oven roaster bag!....But it wasn't until I had come across an all too unpleasant reminder of last winter that I began to appreciate the rising temps.

It's a photo of me with what appears to be the largest, uber icicle produced from one of winter's ice storms. My miserable look says it all.

It still gives me chills......days spent bundled up even inside...dry, crispy, flyaway hair begging for a v05 oil treatment...20 minutes to warm and scrape the car...breaking the ice on the animals buckets for the millionth time....

I gladly welcome the heat!....look what it comes with: flowers,trees with leaves,flip-flops, ice cream, long days, bbq, smoothies....oh! and how could I forget pedicures!!!

Heat? no problem.....bring it on!


PattieJ said...

I love your photos. Your flowers are beautiful!! and your animal pics too! I've always wanted to live on a farm... It must be awesome.

Linda said...

Hey, nice hibiscus! :)

farmerjulie said... chickens take dusts baths like that as well. it is funny, and cute. Ok, i am in LOVE with your pig!! I so want to get a pet pig!! whats it like? i love your blog! its great!