Sunday, July 22, 2007

county fair

The County Fair rolled into town this week...complete with yummy food( testing the bounds of elastic in every article of clothing worn)....swirling rides, roaring tractors and my personal favorite...animals!

I shamelessly make a bee-line for the doe-eyed bovines. Each breed and color more dazzling than the next! Like an out of control tourist I rapid fire my camera...sadly filling my digital card much too soon. I scan the photos to see if there are any lemons to delete....not a one! How could I get rid of any precious image...after all they are my muse and fodder for paintings.

So I apologize now for all the silly, numorous cow photos......but look at those faces....the eyes have it!


diane said...

funny you! it seems that one is posing and another talking, tee hee...they are still wild animals to me, but beautiful for sure, you are a brave woman!

paige said...

oh my, that first photo of the two...what beautiful animals!

Linda said...

I think the cows are great too!

Lana said...

Awww! What sweeties!

Love your portrait too!