Monday, May 21, 2007

what a find!

I was thrilled to meet the talented Dara DiMagno this past weekend at Earth Angels Spring Soiree in Warwick, NY. At this wonderful mix of artists I met this lady who fabricates old into new... past into present.

Each of Dara's pieces are as individual as snowflakes.....jewerly pretty enough to be worn or just to adorn your home. Dara breathes new life into old photos, tintypes, bakelite, watches and vintage finds....fusing them together in clever arrangments.

Every piece of art is a voice from a bygone era...whispering stories and clever sayings!

I know I will be an admirer forever....

Find more of Dara's work at

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oldflowers4me said...

hello darling girl- oh my dara dimagno's jewellery is divine, wow beautiful- hay your world looks so nice. love jo. p.s dont forget to put your lipstick on.