Monday, November 7, 2011

sometimes it's black and white

I am such a color lover. I usually dive headfirst into color without even checking the water first.
I have nearly driven off the road trying to commit to memory the exact shade of robins eggy blue of the sky.
So, oddly enough I was poking around the house the other day, busying myself with nonsense....anything to deal with the behemoth pile of laundry. (I might add that I am not a complete delinquent was clean laundry afterall. )
Well, as I was picking about the house I realized that for such a color hound I have sure have alot of black and white. How did this happen?
Is the color draining out of my life?
What does it all mean?
I do love it thou. Maybe the color voids help "cleanse" the visual pallette. I could pontificate all day on such nonsense...but hey, that laundry isn't gonna put itself away.

1 comment:

Sweet Life Farm said...

It is classic and does seem to cleanse the visual palette! It just goes to show there is beauty to be found in it all…ESPECIALLY at your farm!!!