Friday, November 25, 2011

I may be an action figure...

"apron strings"
"take two, they're small"

It may have been written in the stars...sigh
Every superhero has their theme music. I am afraid what mine may be.
I may be the ultimate Crazy Cat Lady. Did you know there is an actual action figure? Sad, but true.
I have had 26 cats in the past 18 years. Probably some only stayed with me a few days and moved on.
I've never ever in my life picked out a cat and/or kitten mind you. These have all been strays I've been taken in. One of the many perils of having a barn on your property...seems to be a drive-thru drop-off zone.
Plus the fact that cats just seem to seek me out.

big moe

handsome buddy

I have been trying to keep up with embroidering their names on a pillow....quickly running out of room. I should have had some forethought and stitched the names smaller. Good thing there's two sides to a pillow.
I don't want to freak anyone out with images of me living in squallor, Grey Gardens style. "Only" 7 reside with me at this point. Just think of me, saving the cat at a time.

new kitty paintings


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Sweet Life Farm said...

Your letter to Santa is so sweet as are your kitty paintings! I love your embroidered pillow. Like you, I almost need one to keep up with the cats and kittens who have found a home on this farm over the last 14 years. I moved here with one cat I adopted at a shelter and to date, my total runs around 22, currently down to three. Still trying to wrap my mind around how there could be a crazy cat lady action figure???