Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still Sparklin'

Under the Cloche 6x9x1 $90 wood, mica, glitter
Warming Trends 4x6x1 $68 wood, mica, glitter

Safe Keeping 6x9x1 $90 wood, mica, glitter

Spring Stream 5x5x1 $72 wood, mica, glitter

Blueness Abides 4x7x1 $80 wood, mica, glitter

Sweetness 3x5x2 $68 wood, glitter, mica

Remembering 3x5x2 $68 wood, mica, glitter

Reflections 3x5x2 $68 wood, mica, glitter
Posing 5x5x1 $72 wood, mica, glitter

Forever Yours 4x6x1 $68 wood, mica, glitter

Cool Water 4x6x1 $68 wood, glitter, mica

Auburn Fields 5x5x1 $72 wood, mica, glitter

Chocolate Home 3x5x2 $68 wood, mica , glitter

Finally....up for grabs....a preview of "sparkles" ready for sale!

Here's a bevy of painitngs on wood...distressed with wax finish and edges encrusted with glitter and mica.

I ask you, what more could you ask for??!!

I don't know if the glitter will translate the same in makeup without making me look like a lady of the night ....but I just pickep up some Sonia Kashuk glittery fun and fab!
Gotta love the juxtaposition of glitter my ever-so-fashionable snowpants!

Just email me at for availibilty on these new creations....
Have a good one and sparkle on!


paige said...

absolutely gorgeous!

krys kirkpatrick said...

Hey cutie ya doin? I see you have been busy.
Same ole here in Washington...rain, rain, rain. Miss you earth angel buddy.