Monday, January 3, 2011

more little mouths to feed

They say a sucker is born every minute....and well, here I am!
All friends of ours had to say was "Would you..." and I said "Yes!"
So here I am with 5 Coturnix Quail.
They are cute you have to bigger than a sparrow...and that's full grown!
I am impatiently waiting to see if they grant me any speckled eggs.

A few years ago I was "lucky " enough to go into a Korean(? I think) grocery store in Harrisburg PA.
"Lucky" I throw quotations around....because if you've ever been in a market such as this you would remember the horrendous fish smell.
I am not a fish lover anyway....but cannot imagine anyone would find this rotten wharfy smell enjoyable.
I believe I may unofficially hold the Guiness Worlds Record for holding one's breath.
I would like to say I held it like for 45 minutes...but know that must be humanly impossible...

This reminds me of the time my family was driving through Maine(I believe) and we saw the Guinness World Record's largest pizza being made.
For all of you who may be salivating all over your keyboard....don't be impressed!
All they did was take regular sized pizzas...lay them in concentric circles on some make a "seemingly" large pizza.
Can't remember if we ate any off said tarp .....but even as a kid I thought it seemed bogus.

However, back to the stinky grocery store....for a paltry fee I was able to grab a huge pack of fresh quail eggs.
Tiny little buggers...but I had the notion of blowing out the yolks and keeping the little egg shells for a nest I had found.
No small feat...but I did it! All 24 of them.

So, now it is befitting that I am now the caretaker of real live quails...
That answers the question as to which came first....the egg or the quail...
In this case I'd have to say the eggs.


l.a.r.k. said...

I would have taken them in a heartbeat, too! How lucky! They are adorable! :)

Happy & Creative
New Year,

penny patten said...

I would have said yes, my man would have said no. I used to have what I called, "Button Quail". They look the same, so poss. just another name for them. Cute!

SuzyMcQ said...

I live outside Harrisburg and I know the store you are talking about. I took my kids in there maybe five years ago and anytime we pass by there, I think it closed a few years ago, they still mention the horrendous odor.Other than the smell, which is indescribable, we also recall the huge frogs in the boxes in the back of the store next to all the fish. We couldn't figure out why they didn't hop to freedom!

Stacy said...

Such a special addition to your sweet farm! I don't know if I'd have braved the stench, even for such lovely little treasures. Now, thankfully, you won't have to! May you have your quail --- and (soon I hope!), eggs too!