Thursday, December 18, 2008

creature comforts

Creature comforts.....we all have them. Whether you're an Ugg junkie (thanks for getting me hooked Jen)... mani-pedi fanatic...tabloid devotee.... have a chocolate fetish(sometimes that cookie at the end of the day makes everything ok)or crazed for cashmere.
Now, I am not necessarily copping to all or any of the above. Merely examples of course.
Thou I will admit that my true blue creature comfort is just that......creatures.
Animals, big and small...real or decorative. Love them all....with a few slithering exceptions.
I didn't realize my "problem" until it was mentioned sweetly by a good friend..."gee, everywhere I look ....I see animals".
Ok, it's been a while since I dressed up my cat for a tea, I don't think this critical.
I often wondered how those old women in the news end up in squallor with 100 cats.
Just surrounding herself with what she loves.
So I emplore...please, oh please....feel free too intervene if I get to that point.


Phyllis said...

oh my gosh - I love that you strung Christmas lights for your chickens! I should do that too!!

Love all your animals and your site. I have several critters too and like to paint and make things as well.

I've just started my own blog after discovering all the pretty places a few months ago. Come and visit me; I don't have much yet but hope to post almost daily.

Phyllis in NC

Bre said...

Wow- I don't how I stumbled on your blog but am so happy I did - it's delightful.
I love the fact that all of your inspiration for your paintings comes from your farm. Lucky you !
Your paintings have such style and charm !

I am a painter too - mostly traditional oils - just wondering what medium you use ?

...thanks for the inspiration - loved reading your blog !