Monday, March 3, 2008

never enough

the truth hurts

a cluster of enameled watch faces

An indulgement of western boots
a variety of florals on copper verdi

a jumble of milkglass

a crate of belgium coffee cups

a clutch of tiny spoons

How does that saying go?... "Life is like a box of want as much as you can get"? hmmmmm
Well, that be my words to live by. Funny how everything in my life relates to chocolate. Just one taste and I'm a goner. I want the whole box or jarfull!
So why have one of anything ?
I guess that need for excess has leached over to ever other aspect of my life as well.

There's something about groupings and collections that really does it for it tiny spoons too mini to use, a bevy of boots that I'll never have enough occasions to wear, a variety of discarded watch faces .....

It's all in good fun.
So my fix was satiated this past weekend at the Schoharie Antiques Show.

Now you may never want to be my friend again when I tell you I purchsed the "greedy" mug, watch faces, pair of boots to the far right (in my size , yippee!), 30 belgium coffee cups and silver spoons for a grand total of......$74.00. Yeah, that's right....

That's right people...I may be greedy....but I'm thrifty!


CatHerder said...

Great mug..I love it...

fromthepines said...

I love the watch faces - so cool!


paige said...

love the, watch faces, your paintings...all wonderful

Rose said...

It's all long as it was a bargain. Love the paintings!

Classic Charm said...

Are you serious? Wow, you are good...darn good!!!!! I love everything but my favorite is the crate of belgium coffee mugs....devine!

Diane Duda said...

congratulations on your thriftiness!
...and on all the great finds.

the mud room turned out great. :)


Donna said...

You got some great things for a great price!

Laurie Meseroll said...

Jennifer, tell the truth about those cute little calves of yours and how you fit into all those boots!

I think that mug should belong to me!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad i found you. I love, love love chickens. I have had silkies, Rhode Island Reds, Polish & Arrucannas (sorry if the spelling is off, but you know what I mean.) Love all of your shopping photos.