Sunday, January 20, 2008

have a heART

Somewhere amidst the sea of unorganized photos and saved files are my collection of "heart" occurrences. I'd love to show you , but that would mean rifling through that daunting pile... and unless someone was to offer me an amazing foot rub or Ewan McGregor as my pool boy it's not gonna happen.
I really had a good photog collection of these "natural heart" goings on. You know, like the shape in which the ice froze in the shovel head, the heart-shaped shock of white hair on a cow's forehead ( a common one on bovine's ....especially the black and white holsteins) . I even have a photo of the way a plop of lotion came out heartly-shaped on my foot.
Ok, I guess this may seem pretty pathetic and that I am writing it down I am realizing that....why stop now?
Just the other day I was sequestered to help hubby with the wretched chore of firewood. (Now,I'm a physical labor kinda gal...have a a chain gang? I'm your girl.......but I have to say "wretched ", not that I had to swing the ax....but I get the lovely job of plowing the wheelbarrow through the crusty snow to the woodshed....did you know you have muscles in your shoulders?)
Anywho, mid-swing I made hubby stop... because there reveled, shrouded under bark, was an extraordinary specimen for my collection....a wonderfully imperfect heart.
Hoping by now you are not hitting you "z" key with my droning on...I am shamelessly priming you for a mention of another heart. That'd be "the heART of Winter" original folk art show!
Yup, it's coming up real won't want to miss this one...

Here's the info:


paige said...

oh if i could get you that pool boy believe me i would.....tell me please--is your valentine painting for sale????
surely its meant to be mine...
-red & pink are my fave colors
-my oldest daughter was born on valentines day
-my birthday is soon & hubby certainly may ask "what would you like honey"
-i'm your biggest fan in atlanta
(those reasons are not in order of importance mind you)

girl on a bicycle said...

Hi Jennifer,
A wonderful artist friend, (Rick Ruggles) has created found heart calendars, posters, etc. He is an accomplished metalsmith, as well. You might check him out
I love your work, your site, and blog.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

That heart in the tree trunk is amazing. Love your blog. ~ Lynn

Amber said...

What could possibly be wrong about looking for the heart--and love--in things? :-) Great photo!

CARole said...

I just found your blog and I have to tell you that I do the same thing, take pictures of hearts. I have one I would love to send you. I am going to check and see if I can find your email. thanks so much, from a heart cookie cutter collector and heart lover.

Donna said...

How neat to find that heart in the tree! Great photo.
I've taken pictures of hearts around my house too.

Anonymous said...

You really are wonderful Jennfier...great post and thanks for putting your heart inot everything you do. xxoo your friend and fan Jen at Earth Angels