Wednesday, January 9, 2008

glitter remains

Now that the fanfare of the holidays has gusted in and blown away like a barnstorming parade, all that remains is glitter.

The mantle stripped bare of it's medals.
Santas and Belsnickles dethroned.
Tawdry decorations imprisoned in boxes....for another years sentence.
All is like a ghost town with just a few tumbleweeds blowing about.
It's as if I am starting from scratch.....
Now to rebuild.
There's no excuses . I now must dust.

Then on to primping.
It's a wonderful feeling to re-invent. A new year, a new look.
A new burlap pillow....a quick dash to the local antiques shop for a pair of petite ironstone pitchers...and out to the barn to pillage for some primitive gimcrack my husband won't miss. ....and voila!

I've decided that January is still a glittery, frosty a few sparkly decorations were allowed to linger........afterall, the pine needles will saunter about for months!


Flea Market Queen said...

Glitter on!
Nothing better than glitter anytime of the year!

daisy cottage said...

I am SO looking forward to visiting your blog this year - love these photos and ALL of your creations!!

paige said...

residual glitter....always a good thing!
happy new year

Classic Charm said...

I feel the same way, starting from scratch I mean...yep, I put things away to bring out the Christmas decor, then I can't find some of them - ha! And then I feel like I have to "re-do" the entire house. I always love stopping in, I really enjoy your posts.

Donna said...

Love all of your photos! It is fun to start a new year with all new, fresh decorating ideas!
Donna :)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Glitter away! I am and having so much fun. ~ Lynn

Kim McCabe said...

You're so lucky, I'm now having to child proof everything since my son is learning to walk which means most of my treasures are having to be put away for now. I love the pictures you share of your home and studio and look forward to many more pictures of your fabulous art work! Thanks for sharing :)

Kim McCabe
Curiouser & Curiouser Designs