Sunday, September 9, 2007


Down the road a piece is a farm I frequently pass by.

To most speeding by it's just a blur out the window...mostly appreciated by foot.

It's not picturesque by most standards. It's a well-worked farm.

Barns with wrinkled siding, age spots galore....tin roofing unmatched and rust-ridden. Outbuildings broken and sway-backed. Vocal, twin silos like steam whistles with the wind.
All this anchored by a sturdy farmhouse that never really had a heyday. A farm with alot of dirt and grit under it's nails....... a crazy quilt of living space all stitched together by rolling fields and pastures.
But to look at what really matters...fields tended to with diligence and perfection.
Rows mowed straighter than a baseball field. Corn rows planted neat as pins....topped with silken tassels that flutter in the breeze. Antique tractors still going strong. Sights and sounds of content livestock.....4-H ribbons visible through the barn door. Hard work paid off.

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