Thursday, August 30, 2007

pillow problems

Yup, I've got it......a thing for pillows. Squishy, down-filled, plump vintage florals, smooshy ticking stripes, velvety trimmed or ruffly.
My poor hubby.
I guess it's the way they magically transform even the more sterile space into lushness.
Oh, how I long to dive head first into a cushy cavern of overstuffed fluff! Not to worry! I haven't lost complete control of all my mental facilities...!
I dread that I soon may have to sit, sleep and relax on the floor as every available space will be occupied by perfectly parked pillows......why, fear not! There's always options...floor pillows!!!


tina said...

Jennifer~ We got your cute post card today! I would love to see your art work...If I could go to Warwick, NY and see "Bounty" I would in a heart beat! I'm one of your biggest fans! I also have a "pillow problem" lol! Darling cat!

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

apparently the kitty loves pillow too!! I have too many pillows, but love them all....glad to know I am not alone in my "addiction"

paige said...

what's up with guys...they think pillows should just be plopped down upon....sat on-gasp!
don't they know that they are affectionately plumped, fluffed, & parked?!
love the "my sofa" new fave of yours!

Linda said...

Yes, men don't understand pillows. I am not too much of a pillow person myself, but I like them in other people's houses!

Kim McCabe said...

Gorgeous painting as usual! One of my favorites so far :). My husband doesn't understand pillows. Whenever I find a new fabulous pillow the first thing that pops out of his mouth is "you need another pillow?" He then rolls his eyes and walks away muttering under his breath. It's a good thing we women are so patient with them, where would they be without us and our pillows? :)