Sunday, June 3, 2007

a room of one's own

...ok, a line stolen from Ms. Wolfe. But 'tis true.
We all need a special space to create and be creative....a place to step out of your own comfort zone..that said, here is my special studio. Ah, how I can now think back fondly of the days painting at the kitchen table...harboring cans of paint in the corner by the fridge...the oven as my drying rack!
I have since upgraded to the barn....the one requirement as we bought our new/old house. Hubby and I went to task of gutting the old pig sty and removing 3 large dumpster loads of filthy, unspeakably dirty hay and garbage... If I am ever sent to purgatory I am sure that is what I'll be doing for eternity!
I will later post on the extensive barn renovating and will spare all the details for now....
So in the meantime here's a few shots of the finished product. My exterior studio entrance....the barn entrance with my welcoming moo-cow and an interior shot of some vibrant paintings.
I am so happy now to reflect on the good old days of walking uphill to school both ways, when a payphone was a dime, when you didn't know what was in fast food and when the cookbook stand was my easel.


paige said...

oh it looks so wonderful!
i love the little vignette by the door
i love the lavender walls!
i love the dough bowl full of your paintings!!

POPIN Sisters said...

I love the space! Your paintings are amazing, I'm so glad to see you now have the space you wanted ~Jamie

Lana Manis said...

Oh to have all that space to create... what a dream. I just saw your place featured at Country Living's website ~ just beautiful Jennifer!


diane allison-stroud said... lucky i couldn't imagine working there, i'd just be sitting, thinking of working! it's beautiful...we must be sisters, my walls are purple, chartreuse trim...haha

Diane Duda said...

I'm sure your paintings would have made even the "before barn" look beautiful! But this is spectacular!
I've got my eye on my dad's barn. I mean, there are only two horses...they could easily be comfortable in the garage.

the tattered nest said...

I just found your blog...Your farm looks wonderful! and I am envious of your new studio! Congratulations on your feature in Country Living...take care,Gail

Jen - Earth Angels said...

what great pictures
cannot wait to see you


PattieJ said...

Your work is beautiful!!!! All I can say Is WOW!!! to everything in this post!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Your studio looks wonderful, cozy, restful but full of color and fun.
I love your blog, it brings me to a world I don't see every day!